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Last updated: November 10, 2022, 17:55

Just let me run, damn it.
Enjoying the fall weather is bittersweet right now. While I’d love to log miles of running down winding trails and taste the crispy flavor of dying leaves, I’m currently nursing some minor capsulitis in the second metatarsal head joint of my right foot so that it doesn’t become a full-on plantar plate tear—the latter of which could take upwards of a year to fix. Hopefully, I’m only out for another few weeks to a month, tops.

I’m registered for a trail half-marathon in early December that I’ll probably have to sit out of. There’s a backyard ultra-marathon in March that I hope to be ok for.

It freakin’ sucks to not be able to do one of my favorite activities. Patience, Ken.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on my “meaningful movement” YouTube channel I had dubbed Kenetic (go subscribe). Here is the bio video:

Quick Recommendations for You

  • Journal, even a little bit, every day. Your mental health will thank you and you’ll end up just solving a lot of problems that you can’t just think your way out of.

  • Break a sweat and raise your heart rate more days than not. I’ve been having to do that on a stationary bike lately. While it sucks in comparison to galloping through the woods, it beats doing anything physical.

  • Spend less time on social media. I hopped back on it just briefly for a specific reason and found myself pulling its hooks back out of me. Life is so much better when you don’t feel compelled to check what other people think about something you posted.

The Gist of Daily Life

My wife and I still live in Tulsa, OK — in a modest happy house we purchased last year. Our son has started preschool, and to despite his protesting in the morning, he loves it once he’s there. My wife and I are still getting used to how quiet the house is while he’s at school. It’s pretty nice, but I’m always overjoyed when he comes back home and destroys the silence.

I still work from home as the content marketing guy for a heavy equipment marketplace. I spend all day essentially writing blog articles, recording podcast episodes, and creating videos related to the heavy equipment industry from a spare bedroom in my house. It’s pretty fantastic.